Exclusive Offer - Ballasts

Take advantage of this exclusive new offer from K5600 Lighting !

In accordance with Power Gems Ltd, we are launching an operation to take back your old ballasts from EB series for the LF Hi-Speed series (standard 100Hz, 300Hz & 1000Hz) !

Take advantage of this offer to renew your fleet of ballasts at very advantageous prices !

Ballast 200w LF200 Hi-Speed (List price 924 € ht) -> New net price 645 € ht !
Ballast 400w LF400 Hi-Speed (List price 1628 € ht) -> New net price 1140 € ht !
Ballast 800w LF800 Hi-Speed (List price 2048 € ht) -> New net price 1430 € ht !

Limited time offer ! Until May 31, 2017.
In the limit of the available stock. On a first-come, first-served basis.

Further information
. These LF ballasts are in integrated Hi-Speed modes (Standard 100Hz, 300Hz and 1000Hz)
. The power factor is corrected for maximum efficiency and a real reduction in
consumption (actual power consumed)
. The new design made by modules gives a better efficiency for maintenance.
Modules which can be easily changed.
. Wider operation of the voltage range of 90-265V without degradation of the ignition.
. These new ballasts have a low heat output, which means that they no longer have
fans for the 200w, 400w & 800w.
. There are no ventilation holes in the body, which prevents the entry of dirt or
. There is also an option to add an external DMX box to drive the unit via a

Power Gems Ltd. Will no longer repair ballasts older than 15 years.