• interview with M. Mescalchin

    Matteo is an Italian photographer/videographer who specializes in high end products. He owns a few Jokers and is always eager to share his experience on how he uses them.
    Making of ’The Leoni weekend bag’ Client&ArtDirection: DellaLuna - Venezia Production: Digitalmovie.it photography: (...)

  • The Kurve at Work

    Gabriel Pippas, 479 Gaffer & Co-Founder of Cinder Lighting & Grip writes:
    "Our Kurve 6 gives off book-light softness from one fixture on one stand. Grips love it because it saves them from building a jungle of flags and rags to control our light.
    We end up using the Kurve in many (...)

  • Interview at 160 km/h

    Attending the Industry Day (May 23th ) organized by ASK the Slovak Association of Cinematographers. If this day was obscured by a very dark sky and some heavy rain, it will be remembered as a bright day because of the success within the best of the best of the local film community in this (...)

  • Kurves Going Wild across the US

    In mid 2016, we embarked on a journey to bring affordable, serviceable, large parabolic reflectors to the masses. Built for use with the tens of thousands of Jokers sold worldwide, we never imagined the success two years out. You don’t have to believe us, just take a look at what some of our (...)

  • Matteo Mescalchin’s interview

    Born and raised in Italy where he co-founded Digital Movie studio in 1997 in Padova, Matteo Mescalchin has worked extensively across four continents constantly developing his passion for images which has led him to work as photographer on many commercials for high end and luxury products. He (...)

  • Alban Nieroz, French DP and K5600 equipment owner

    DP based in the French Alps, Alban Nieroz has his own studio, entirely equiped with K5600 equipment (Joker-Bugs 400W and 800W, Softubes). He explains accross three "case studies" why he likes to work with K5600 gear, and how he uses it.
    Newfeel commercial (Production : Spacesheep) - Quality (...)

  • Alpha 9K and 4K for Samsung Commercial

    Patrick Duroux, AFC, is a regular Alpha user. He recently shot a commercial for Samsung in Balbesberg studios in Germany.
    "On this set, we had to recreate the effect of the sun moving, seen from the inside of a room. The round room implied to find a way to move the fixture around the window, (...)

  • Alpha 9K lights up a short movie

    Philippe Brelot, French DP, has been a faithful user of K5600 for a long time. He has worked with all the fixtures and accessories developped by the brand. Recently, he shot the short movie "Le monde du petit monde" (directed by Fabrice Bracq) with K5600 equipment.
    "This short movie is a (...)

  • Alpha and Joker-Bug 1600W on set

    Education has always been a prime concern for K5600. Hosting frequently workshops, masterclasses and seminars in different countries, the company is happy to receive testimonials from ancient students met during these events. Florian Berthellot, French DP graduated from Louis Lumière film school (...)

  • Belle et Sebastien, Eric Guichard AFC

    Belle And Sebastian: This is probably one of French population’s favorite tv series. Anybody over 40 has been raised with this story about friendship between a young boy living in the Alps with his grandfather and a big white Pyrenean Mountain Dog. The series was dubbed into English and sold to (...)

  • Bref

    Bref is a short program for Canal + France. Gaffer Jean-François Reverdy sent us a couple of pictures as well as his experience with the new ALPHA 1600 which he used as soon as it was available with Transpalux. They extensively used for 6 weeks and … well, that’s his statement.
    “The K5600 (...)

  • Casualty

    Jaz Castleton is the lead DP on Casualty the Saturday prime time BBC One show which is in its 26th season.
    “I was first introduced to the K5600 product line by Nick Shapley from LCA, the UK agent for K5600. At that time I was working on a project to move the long running BBC Drama Casualty (...)

  • Christopher Barrett

    “When we were in pre-production for our recent short, A Man of Limited Emotional Means, I knew I had a bar scene that I would want to create a strong shaft of light in. So, naturally, I turned to RedUser and quickly to the Ask David Mullen Anything thread, which everyone here should totally read (...)

  • David Chizallet, DP on "Les Anarchistes" movie

    "Les Anarchistes" tells the story of a policeman who has infiltrated an anarchist community in 1900 Paris. This is Elie Wajeman’s second feature film, starring Adèle Exarchopoulos and Tahar Rahim. French DP, David Chizallet, explains the technical challenges he encountered while filming a bank (...)

  • David Procter

    David Procter is a young talented DP. He has done a lot of Commercials, Music videos and documentaries as well as short films for which he received numerous awards. David was faced with a challenge for a series of SKY time-slice commercials.
    Station Scene :“For the train station location, on (...)