A "Bug", winner of the K5600 Lighting Award

Sunny Side of the Doc ended on Thursday 26th of June with the Award ceremony. Like last year, a K5600 Lighting Prize was given to one project chosen among all the categories of the "Pitch Sessions".

The winner of this year’s K5600 Lighting Award is "Bugs : Nature’s Little Superheroes" produced by German company A&O Buero Filmproduktion. The K5600 committee picked this project because of the esthetics of the images shot and the fact that, both on location and in the labs where the insects will be shot, true to life lighting is need.

They will be receiving in the next few days an Alpha 200W kit valued at 2000€. The small HMI Fresnel fixture can also be used with a snap on Softbox and a focal spot for sharp cutting and hard shadows. All accesoories are in the kit as well as a 5600K Bulb and a new technology 3200K bulb for more versatility.

Congratulations to all the winners and we wish them success in their filming.

(The complete results : http://www.sunnysideofthedoc.com/sunnyside/2015-awards-and-jury/)