Alpha 800W launched in April

After a tour of presentation across the world (Dubaï, Amsterdam, London, Bucharest, Stuttgart and many others), the Alpha 800W will be launched on the market in April, just after the NAB in Las Vegas.

The Alpha 800W wouldn’t be an Alpha if it did not have the ability to be operated straight down, or if it couldn’t be turned into an Open Face fixture just by removing the Fresnel lens. The innovation comes from the front of the unit. Actually, the Alpha 800W is equipped with a handy removable front door : it makes the bulb change easier and faster, because there is no need anymore of a screwdriver to pull out the ceramic glass.

Later in the year, this unit will offer the possibility of being used with two kind of optical accessories. The Zoom beamer, consisting of a lens-less focusable facetted reflector and the PAR beamer, which can be used with the traditionnal set of four lenses. To use these reflectors, K5600 brings a major innovation to the HMI market : the company designed a 90° socket, which enables the bulb to move from a vertical to an horizontal position. A first like K5600 knows to do.

If you are interested by purchasing your Alpha 800W, please contact our sales team : info chez - +33 (1) 30 90 56 00