Autoscan available now – as standard

Autoscan, a feature that makes it easier to use the ballast for high speed (1000Hz) shooting, is unique to the Power Gems range of high speed ballasts. Customers often say we don’t sing the praises of Autoscan enough, and with ballasts packed full of features such as DMX remote control and built-in compensation of lamp cable volt drop, it can get overlooked. So here’s the low down on one of the most powerful buttons you’ll find on the simple user interface.

Why do I need autoscan ?

The highest frequency mode available on a HMI ballast, the 1000Hz, helps provide the most stable arc for high speed filming. But running in this mode is associated with a risk of ‘acoustic resonance’ in the lamp, causing significant instability.

Manual tuning of the running frequency of the ballast may be required to address the problem. Usually you would need to press various buttons to adjust the frequency, moving across the range of 800-1250Hz until you found the most stable light output. This can be a ‘hit and miss’ procedure and it gets more difficult and time consuming when there are multiple light fixtures on the set.

With Autoscan (also known as auto tune) you can sit back and the ballast will automatically do the scanning for you, and move to the frequency which shows the best stability.

Each Power Gems unit is capable of operating in high speed lighting applications – the mode button can easily be switched to run at silent, flicker free, 300Hz or 1000Hz frequency. We give you Autoscan as standard on the 9kW and 18kW models, making it faster and easier to automatically optimise the lamp stability when running in the high-speed modes.

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