Grau Luminotecnia, official K5600 Spanish dealer

In August, K5600 Lighting Europe has appointed Grau Luminotecnia as official dealer for Spain.

Despite an increasing request for K5600 products in Spain, the local economy has been affecting sales. Today, Alfons Grau Pitarch, Grau’s director, is optimistic : " First, photography is knowing a real development on continuous lighting. Companies begin to invest in HMI light sources, and this is very encouraging for us. Another good point is the subsidies given by the Spanish government to the companies that are settling in Canary Islands. Many rental companies have opened warehouse there, and they will invest soon in equipment."

Founded in 1984, Grau has a strong knowledge of the Spanish market specificities and is dedicated to lighting equipment for cinema, Tv and video and more and more for the Photographic market.

Grau has always favored the sale of innovative products, following the evolution of the user’s needs. Something in common with K5600 policy : manufacture innovative lighting tools, designed to match with user’s needs on set.

More information on Grau blog (in Spanish) :