Happy end

Extrait interview of C. Berger commenting scene at the restaurant.

“And then the most difficult scene to shoot was the restaurant [one of the last scenes of the film], but that was shot in a studio. We could not shoot for three days in Calais with stable weather. The tide is eight meters, so sometimes you saw the beach and sometimes the water. You cannot shoot like that continuously. That was an 80-meter green screen and the whole restaurant was 15 by 15 meters ; it was a really big. “

NFS : That scene, in particular, looked incredible.

Jakob Ballinger comments : “ Alphas : wonderful light quality.
Good handling, no hassle. Loved working with them on „Happy End“ Michael Haneké new film, filmed by Christian Berger. We used the alphas to supplement the Cine Reflect Lighting System, to light the massive green screen & give us a basic fill light level on set. Christian Berger is a painter, he looks for the highest precision in light. Only the best will do the help him achieve his unique reflected lighting style. I want to thank TSF and rigging gaffer Cafer Ilhan.”

Film : Happy end
Director : Michael Haneke
Cinematographer : Christian Berger
Lighting Gaffer : Jakob Ballinger
Rigging Gaffer : Cafer Ilhan
Lighting equipment from : TSF
Production : Wega Film – Les films du losange
Budget : 12 M€
Michael Haneke ‘s movie « Happy End » is featuring Isabelle Huppert, Jean louis Trintignant, Mathieu Kassovitz, Loubna Abidar,

Have a look at Christian Berger’s interview about the restaurant scene (11 minutes)