Information note 1600W bulbs

We draw the users’ and rental companies’ attention regarding the 1600W bulbs from GENERAL ELECTRIC, as we have noticed important colorimetry differences.

Actually, the MSR HMI 1600W bulb with G22 cap (Ref : CSR1600SEHRUVC) has a low colorimetry performance, around 4500K, even when new or used. The manufacturer did not inform us about the marketing of this bulb, and did not supply us samples for testing.

Unfortunately, because of price dumping, many rental companies mount those bulbs on K5600 fixtures. These bad datas cause damage to the good performances of our Jokers 1600W & Alphas 1600W.

We recommend the latest generation of KOTO bulbs (Ref : DIS-16H UV-Block, see picture). We have tested them, and these bulbs fix the problem of the green effect shown on previous series, which is more obvious when bulbs are dimmed.

We remain at your service for further information.