Joker-Bugs & photography

Joker-Bug 800 on the set of a shooting for Traeger Grills brand. Photo : Courtesy of @artsystylist.

Renowned as lights for motion picture and television, Joker-Bugs are also great fixtures for still photography world. As a matter of fact, these light sources provide a great output and can fit into photo reflectors thanks to the K5600 photo adapters. (More info here). More and more brands ask to have some backstage short movies from their photo shoots, to have content for their website or social networks campaigns. Thanks to the Jokers, no need of re-lighting : you can capture both still and video.

Scott Nathan, photographer, has been working with Jokers for few months. "[...] I haven’t popped a strobe in months and don’t miss it a bit. With adapters I’ve been able to use all my old light modifiers from Broncolor, Profoto and Mola. They fit in a tiny case with wheels, can burn daylight or tungsten bulbs and cost a fraction of what a single strobe pack costs. Continuous light was the birth of studio lighting. It’s also its future. It’s new & it’s a steal."
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