Jokers, perfect tools for interviews

It’s not a coincidence if Jokers are one of the favorite tools of TV crews for interviews.

First of all, Jokers come in compact, lightweight and resistant flight cases, which make them easy to travel.

Their versatility is also another Jokers’ appreciated quality. They can be a PAR, a 360° fixture which is ideal for a use in light banks, a tungsten light source thanks to the new LCL 3200K discharge bulbs, a linear soft light source with the Softube, an HMI Jo Leko and more... Not only they are versatile, but changing from one configuration to another is done in seconds, thanks to the Joker-Bug’s smart design.

Discover or rediscover all the Joker-Bug range qualities :
Joker-Bug 200 - Joker-Bug 400 - Joker-Bug 800 - Joker-Bug 1600

Photo : Courtesy of @steffegaton on Instagram