K5600 Equipment on set in Austria

Robert Mayr is an Austrian Gaffer who owns his equipment. He frequently sends us pictures of his work with our gear.

Commercial for United Optics  : "On this shoot, I had a Joker-Bug 1600W and a Joker-Bug 800W with Chimeras, and a Joker-Bug 800W equipped with the Bug-A- Beam . This last one was reflecting over two K-Flect mirrors : this was a very easy to install and flexible backlight. I enjoy to work with the Bug-A-Beam 800W because sometimes, you just need the very narrow beam and the shutters of a follow spot, and as I already have a Joker-Bug 800W, this is a very simple and affordable conversion."
To watch the commercial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMmOyVHG2LI
DP : Stefan Krösbacher
Director : Andreas Hafele

Feature Film Das Kleine Vergnügen  : "This was a low budget feature film, so I had to keep things simple. We had only one 4K and two Joker-Bugs 1600W as main units. The Joker was very handy for shuffling around in front of the windows, what we usually had to do for every new shot. I appreciate to work with the Joker 1600W equipped with Zoom Beamers. For me, it’s the best configuration for getting a lot of output from a rather small unit, not too heavy when you need to rig it. No need to change the lenses if you want a different beam size. Finally, the quality of the spread is amazingly good, so I normally use just a light frost frame like highlight."
DP : Marco Zimprich
Director : Julia Frick