K5600 on the French Tennis Open

French Tennis Open has begun on the 22nd of May. It has been special this year : The continuous rain falling on the Roland Garros courts has prevented the competion to take place everyday as usual. But luckily, the Jokers were on the set to replace the missing sun !
Like every year, the event is covered by the public French TV channel, France TV. The main set is equipped with eleven Joker-Bug 800W (among them, two units were equipped with Bug-A-Beams and Source 4) and three Joker-Bug 400W (with one equiped with Bug A Beam and Source four). The crew on set explains : "The 400W and 800W are perfect for the outdoor plans, either in Par configuration or with a Source Four, depending on the weather conditions." "We have other Jokers (200W or 400W) in the press room to film interviews, or in the halls leading to the courts, to film the arrival of the players."

DP : Patrick Decharte
Gaffers : Lucien Salotti and Jérôme Seguin