K5600 presentation at Nu Boyana Films Studios

At NAB, Yariv Lerner, CEO of Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia, invited K5600 to make a one day presentation in the studios. The purpose was to give a full demo of the range of Joker-Bugs and Alphas to film students attending the six weeks course at Nu Boyana Film School. The public consisted of film students and professionals. In the morning, Marc Galerne made a presentation of K5600 equipment, and talked about lighting in general, with topics such as CRI, beam, spectrum, shadow quality etc. Some comparison tests were made with the measurement of different kind of fixtures and light sources. After the lunch break, the students tested the equipment with a hands on experience. They were led by Laura Beth Love, an American DP who was there to help them with the camera part of the experience. Already knowing the Joker-Bug range, she made some comments about this day on her blog :