New 3200K bulb available for Joker-Bug 800W

Among the products which will be showed at NAB 2015 on K5600 booth, the new 3200K discharge bulbs are part of the innovations presented.

These bulbs have been first marketed when K5600 launched its Evolution Kit 200W, giving to the users the choice between the 5600K or 3200K when buying a kit. Now, these 3200K bulbs are available for the Joker-Bug 800W, conferring more options to the already-so-versatile Joker-Bug 800W. No change is needed on your existing 800W to use this lamp. The 3200K bulbs for the Joker-Bug 400W should be on the market in the next few weeks.

The advantage of these bulbs is their use in situations where working with gels was a bit intricate, such as on Chinese lanterns, Pancakes, Softubes… It’s also a very good solution for the Source 4 : with the incandescent 750W bulb, you could only get 25lm/W. With the 3200K discharge bulb for the 800W, you get almost 100lm/W, so 4 times more than the regular 750W, and without overheating.

The 3200K bulb for the 1600W Joker-Bug and Alpha is already under development.