Power Gems demonstrates how to avoid issues when shooting at high speed

With the advent of digital cameras, high speed shooting up to 1000 frames per second and beyond, has become both affordable and easier. Meanwhile, the expectations of the viewing audience get higher as technology improves the definition and detail captured in each shot. These factors combine to put the lighting under greater scrutiny than ever, and it’s not uncommon to encounter issues with flicker when shooting at high speed.

Practical steps for flicker-free filming

HMI sources are ideal for high speed shooting due to the large amount of light they produce, but a consequence of the technology is the potential to encounter flicker in the playback image. Inevitably this can be a cause of concern for HMI users, and at Power Gems we are frequently asked about practical steps that can be taken to get the best results.

Our resident expert, Dr Phil Ellams, who is responsible for ballast design at Power Gems, tackles the challenges posed by Using HMI lighting in high speed filming applications

Read the article for practical advice, tips and insight. Phil gives you a clear perspective on the problems and solutions of shooting at high frame rates. Despite the difficulties, using HMI sources offers the greatest opportunity, provided you understand the challenges. It’s an area we at Power Gems are particularly knowledgeable about.

Source : https://powergems.com/news/power-gems-issues-shooting-high-speed/