Power Gems develops Wireless DMX ballast for K5600 Lighting

Power Gems has added Wireless DMX as a standard feature for the range of ballasts we manufacture for K5600 Lighting.

The addition of remote control through DMX allows users to control the ballast via a console over a wireless connection. We are the only ballast manufacturer to fit Wireless DMX as standard.

Wireless DMX can help you work faster, for convenience with large location rigs and studios where dozens of lights are spread over the set.

Power Gems innovated the design of the ballast on behalf of K5600 Lighting to complement their updated Joker2 range of hugely popular Joker fixtures.

Power Gems owner and head of design, Phil Ellams says : “After K5600 Lighting asked us to develop the Wireless DMX ballast, we got to work and completed a prototype in 10 weeks time to meet their product launch date. That kind of request shows just how progressive K5600 Lighting is ; they’re flying the flag as an independent HMI manufacturer.”

K5600 Lighting unveiled the wireless DMX ballast at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam in September, along with the new Joker2 range.

K5600 Lighting has outlets in US and France ; you can read our interview with Marc Galerne from earlier this year.

According to Marc, many people at the IBC show were excited about the possibilities of wireless. “Many people came through not knowing what they were missing until we showed them just how useful it is,” Marc enthuses, adding that Wireless DMX in a ballast is a simple solution where wiring from a controller is hard to install. All Power Gems ballasts for K5600 Lighting also feature full on-board controls.

The latest innovation by Power Gems sets a new standard for high speed ballasts while maintaining the tradition of putting the best technology into the hands of professional filmmakers.