• Fake News

    We couldn’t help but notice a recent newsletter that claimed "HMI and tungsten lighting instruments convert 100% of the power they use into heat.” We would normally let this remark pass as we laugh among ourselves, but then we thought maybe it’s time to call Bullshit ! . Were this statement (...)

  • JOKER & BUG A BEAM -1600-800W in Austria

    Jakob Slavicek from Graz in Austria told us about his experience of working with our BUG A BEAM 800/1600W. Jakob is a gaffer and owns the rental company Lichtwerk Graz.
    He worked last week with DOP Vincent Seidl and Actress Anna Suk on a road safety commercial involving stunts, “Sonate“, (...)

  • New Joker Range – Joker²

    At IBC 2017, K5600 unveils the Joker². For 25 years, Jokers have been the industry standard for powerful, controllable light sources, with thousands in use every day on film, television and still sets around the world. Joker² are more than refreshed, they’re (...)

  • HMI Lighting : Power Gems interviews Marc Galerne

    Power Gems talked to Marc Galerne of K5600 Lighting about the future of HMI lighting, breaking the laws of physics and being a splinter in the side of a much bigger competitor.
    HMI Lighting specialists K5600 Lighting are old pals and long-standing partners of Power Gems. For the last two (...)