Alpha 300
Based on the Alpha 800 HMI
• Delivers crisp Fresnel highlight/shadow quality comparable to tradition tungsten or HMI lights
• Smoothly adjustable beam angle from 5-55°.
• 6.9” (175mm) diameter lens is removable for an even sharper light

Alpha 300 is built around our exclusive 14mm LES (Light Emitting Surface) allowing for perfect light-to-lens ratios, assisted by PlanoConvex optics that direct more light forward, leading to a brighter and more even light. Each includes :
• K5600’s unique 600W Bi-Color matrix LED chip
• 100 lumen/watt output and 95+ CRI capability
• 300W max output (from 2700 - 6500° K)
• Wired and wireless DMX compatibility, using Lumen Radio’s protocol
• 9’ Head Cable (Head extensions are standard K5600 items that you probably already have)

Alpha 300 Head
LES (Light Emitiitng System) 14mm - 600W
300 Watt from 2700 to 6500K
Head weight : 5,4 kg
Head dimension : 290X280X350 mm
Fresnel diameter : 175 mm
Fresnel Beam angle : 5°-55°
Silent cooling fan system : regulated to light intensity.
Sigot diameter : 16 mm

Studio version (available on request) : control Pan, tilt, focus

300 watt Single Ballast LED
all components and controls are contained in this compact case.
• LCD screen displays output functions : 2700 - 6500° K color temperature control, 1 - 100% dimming, DMX selection/termination and auto sensing (the ballast knows the wattage required for connected fixtures and automatically delivers the appropriate energy)
• Direct 48V DC input capable and PWM square wave modulated
• Micro USB for firmware upgrades and diagnosis is included
• Add a Splitter Box and you can power two of our 75 or 150W panels.

1200W Multi-Output Ballast
two output connectors.
• Each output is capable of 600W of power
• Plug in any two of our LEDs and the ballast will sense the power needed
• Adding two of our Splitter Boxes allows up to any four lights on a single 1200 Ballast
• Our LCD screen display toggles between any connected fixtures for individual control (above)
Splitter––Sports three connectors : one input and two output. The Splitter communicates with the ballast how many lamps are connected and gives independent control of each, regardless of which fixtures are connected
Note – All electronics in heads and ballasts are six-channel capable. This will allow for full color upgrades in the future. That said, output will be affected with a full color solution.

Alpha 300 ’s accessory

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