Alban Nieroz, French DP and K5600 equipment owner

DP based in the French Alps, Alban Nieroz has his own studio, entirely equiped with K5600 equipment (Joker-Bugs 400W and 800W, Softubes). He explains accross three "case studies" why he likes to work with K5600 gear, and how he uses it.

Newfeel commercial (Production : Spacesheep) - Quality light & Power
"The choice to use K5600 products was obvious for me. I like to use HMIs, because you can control or modify the light with lenses, diffusers or reflectors. On this shoot, we wanted to recreate a laboratory, and get a refined atmosphere, with a really diffused light. So, I chose to work with a pair of Alpha 4K equiped with lightbanks, plus one of my Joker-Bugs 400. To create a velvet atmosphere, and diffuse as much as possible the light, we have filled the room with a smoke machine."

Franck Dubarry packshot (Agency : Paprika) - Flexibility & Versatility
"I use my Jokers on all kinds of shoot (indoor or outdoor) and in all conditions. I can modulate the type of light with the different lenses or lanterns, but also with the Softube, which is a must for me. Actually, this is an essential tool for me, to get a powerful but diffused and precise light."

Skimium commercial (Production : Spacesheep) - Compactness & Lightweight
"On this shoot in particular, we had to face two challenges : the time we had and the locations’ tight spaces. In three days, we had to shoot three commercials for Web and a TV billboard. The easy use of Jokers and quick set up has been a real advantage in this case, and their compactness also played a major role. I specially remember that on a location, when we had a really tight space, which was relatively dark. In this kind of configuration, this is always difficult to place the lights, especially the backlight. Only one clamp and a Joker-Bug 400 have quickly solved the matter. We also used a Joker-Bug 800W and a pair of Joker-Bug 400W, all equiped with Chimera lightbanks."