Alpha 300 & Joker 300 Two Lights, One Shoot
By Alex Salahi (@m31film)

The Alpha 300 and Joker 300 make precise lighting efficient while being as versatile as other K5600 Fixtures.

With the Joker 300, we were able to use the Softube, Lantern, and Beam Projector accessories in addition to the PAR lens set. The beam projector includes a 20 and 40 degree lens that enhanced the evenness of the light with no hot spots. When using the lantern, the speedring rested directly infront of the LED, providing a full fill of the lantern which was incredibly even.

The Alpha 300 precisely replicated the optics of a traditional fresnel instrument, creating soft light in the spot position and harsher shadows in the flood position. With the lamp in the spot position, the LED chip, similar to a traditional lamp, remains further away from the fresnel lens, filling the lens, leading to softer shadows. In other words, even though the intensity of the light is greater, the shadows are softer, which is an interesting characteristic missing from most LED fresnels.

Intensity and color can be controlled via LumenRadio and both lights combined drew less than 6 amps of power, which was perfect for location. Moreover, since the two lights color matched, no additional color correction was needed.

Joker 300 Softube placed outside window. Set to 5600K and 75% Output.

Alexa Mini LF - LA Film Boutique

Angenieux Optimo Prime Lens - BandPro

Director of Photography - Alex Salahi

Talent - Savanah Joeckel