London based 16 Oz Studio creates beauty with their K5600 lights

The London-based studio 16Oz published on its Instagram account few pictures from the shooting of a shampoo commercial. For this set, they have recreated a forest in the studio to match with the brand codes.

The ad was including some macro sequencies : "Here is some of the drops we shot (video here). This is cut from an early offline edit.. Getting the oil mix right was most of the battle." To film these little drops, they used the Alpha 4K : "Depth of field gets very very thin in the macro world. Add slow motion to the mix and you end up needing bigger lights" says Michael Lindsay Director. Michael is also a photographer and a DP on many projects. Brendan Mc Ginty, DP of this shoot is also a Partner in 16oz Studios.

Another sequence, which cannot be overlooked for a shampoo commercial, was the moment where the talent shake her head to show how it is shining. For this scene, the 1600 Joker-Bug equipped with the softube has been really helpful. Brendan comments : "Softubes are a really quick ways to produce manageable shine lines".

16Oz Studios owns the full range of Joker Bug and Alphas up to 9 K.

To see all the pictures published from the set :

Commercial : Timotei Precious Oils (Watch the video here)
Director : Michael Lindsay
DP : Brendan Mc Ginty

More info about 16Oz :

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