Alpha 9K and 4K for Samsung Commercial

Patrick Duroux, AFC, is a regular Alpha user. He recently shot a commercial for Samsung in Balbesberg studios in Germany.

"On this set, we had to recreate the effect of the sun moving, seen from the inside of a room. The round room implied to find a way to move the fixture around the window, with the beam staying focused on it all along the shot.

So we had the idea to rig a light source at the end of a GFM crane , which would enable us to direct, turn and move the light unit like we needed to. We chose the Alpha 9K because it seemed to be the best solution in this configuration. The Alpha are lighter than the other units of the market, and I know I can use them pointing down at 90° without worrying about technical or safety issues.

We also needed to recreate shadows on the floor, so we used the Alpha 4K as a top light, equipped with a remote controlled shutter. The Alpha was the only choice for this configuration, with its unique ability to be used pointing straight down.

Thanks to these solutions, we got the results that we were expecting. I often use the Alpha units, in all sizes (we also had two Alpha 18Ks on this set) : they are lightweight and compact and they can be uses pointing straight down which was a must in the shots I just described."

Production : Markenfilm
Director : Jan Wentz
Kgrip Crane : Wolfgang Franke
Gaffer : Helmut Prein

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