Alpha 9K lights up a short movie

Philippe Brelot, French DP, has been a faithful user of K5600 for a long time. He has worked with all the fixtures and accessories developped by the brand. Recently, he shot the short movie "Le monde du petit monde" (directed by Fabrice Bracq) with K5600 equipment.

"This short movie is a fifteen minutes’ drama, shot like a modern fairy tale. It includes a lot of "special effects" : I had to shoot many shadows, that will be later reworked in post to take form and be animated.

On this set, I had one Alpha 9K, two Alphas 1600W and one pair of Joker-Bug 800W. I like the Alpha 9K, because it’s well matching with the high sensibility of today’s digital cameras. To me, with these cameras (I shot this short movie with a F55), the 9K has become a "big" light, like the 18K was when we used to shoot on film. The Alpha 9K is the perfect link between the 4K and 18K. The Alpha line covers a wide range of wattages (1), has an excellent colorimetry and a wide beam, which is typical from these fixtures.

I mainly used the 9K in Open Face configuration without lens, with a 251 diffusion filter on a frame, and sometimes with a 1/4 or 1/8 CTO, for warmer touch. The Alpha 1600W was used in Fresnel configuration for the backlight, or in Open Face to simulate entries of light. Finally, all the Alphas are equipped with High Speed ballasts. This has been really helpful for the scenes at 250 fps !"

Equipment supplied by Transpalux.

Gaffer : Eric Courtecuisse
Production : Offshore


(1) The Alphas are existing in nine different wattages, but in only six fixtures :

  • Alpha 200W
  • Alpha 800W
  • Alpha 1600W
  • Alpha 4KW (which can be used in 2.5KW)
  • Alpha 9KW (which can be used in 6KW)
  • Alpha 18K (which can be used in 12KW)

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