Alpha and Joker-Bug 1600W on set

Education has always been a prime concern for K5600. Hosting frequently workshops, masterclasses and seminars in different countries, the company is happy to receive testimonials from ancient students met during these events. Florian Berthellot, French DP graduated from Louis Lumière film school two years ago, is one of them. Met during the 2013 edition of Camerimage, he has recently used Jokers and Alpha on set.

“The project is a 25 minutes short movie entitled “Farem tot Petar” and is directed by Sylvain Augé. It has been a quarter financed by people on the crowdfunding website . This film will be shown in festivals, and we hope that it will be broadcast on TV.

On set, I had the Alpha 1600W and the Joker Bug 1600W, the Evolution kit and some accessories with other Jokers of the range. I mainly used the 1600W. The Alpha 1600W was particularly useful for the day scenes. It’s an off-the-wall comedy, so we wanted to keep a bright and colorful image but with a soft finish. The output of the Alpha helped us to fulfill this requirement. Besides, this unit is easy and quick to set up, even with a small crew. We also used the Joker-Bug 1600W equipped with an Octaplus to balance with the Alpha. We diffused the Chimera to bring even more softness.

Joker-Bug 1600W and Alpha 1600W have the great advantage to be able to be run on the household power : an important thing when you shoot with a small crew and when the sceneries change several times per day. Another good point for me was to have two fixtures with nearly similar power. They are easy to use together and it was particularly useful, especially for the wide night shots.”

Equipment supplied by RVZ
Director : Sylvain Augé
DP : Florian Berthellot
Gaffer : Cécilia Barroero
Best boy : Agathe Broc
Camera operators : Lucile Mercier and Magdalena Nin-Ott

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