Belle et Sebastien, Eric Guichard AFC

Belle And Sebastian: This is probably one of French population’s favorite tv series. Anybody over 40 has been raised with this story about friendship between a young boy living in the Alps with his grandfather and a big white Pyrenean Mountain Dog. The series was dubbed into English and sold to BBC in 1967 where it was aired again and again, to the point that a Scottish Band took the name of the series. Under the expert eye of Eric Guichard AFC, the series just became a feature film to be released later this year. Eventually, we talked to Eric about this rather difficult shoot: “Shooting in the mountains is always a challenge with ever changing weather and rough terrains. Shooting with kids is difficult because of the limited amount of working hours a kid is allowed. Shooting with animals is difficult because… they are animals.

We can’t waste any time under such circumstances and right from the start with my gaffer Christian Vicq we insisted on going with lightweight equipment. We had a large amount of Joker Bugs and Alphas which proved to be ideal for the locations we had. In the cave (see picture), the only light we could hang was an Alpha 1600. We needed something wide, punchy, light with crispy shadows and pointing straight down: there was just no other choice. We were limited with power so the Alpha 4K was out of question. ” Lighting equipment provided by Transpalux.