Bref is a short program for Canal + France. Gaffer Jean-François Reverdy sent us a couple of pictures as well as his experience with the new ALPHA 1600 which he used as soon as it was available with Transpalux. They extensively used for 6 weeks and … well, that’s his statement.

“The K5600 products were largely represented on the second season. This season being darker in spirit, I went for more Fresnels to have dark and sharp shadows while having a “velvet” touch on faces. We still used a lot of Jokers 400 and 800 with the multiple accessories which give a lot of versatility like Swiss Army knife. The addition of the Alpha 1600 late December 2011 was a great asset. It is perfectly fit for the type of TV series we are shooting. It filled a gap in our range of HMIs. Its low consumption allowed us to use it on a regular plug without the need of a generator. Its shallow profile makes it ideal in tight interiors. On a night scene, we used it as a back light without the lens in order to light the whole scene : the quality of sharpness of the shadows and the evenness of the field was fabulous. The head and ballast are so compact that it comes in a single fly case which can be wheeled around. The Alpha 4 Kw that we used sometimes on the show can be proud of its smaller brother. Thanks to K5600 for their innovative products which help us creating natural lighting.”

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