Christopher Barrett

“When we were in pre-production for our recent short, A Man of Limited Emotional Means, I knew I had a bar scene that I would want to create a strong shaft of light in. So, naturally, I turned to RedUser and quickly to the Ask David Mullen Anything thread, which everyone here should totally read in entirety ! David had already advised someone else in a similar situation to try an HMI adapted into a Source 4. I did a little further research from there and found out that for about a thousand bucks, I could adapt one of my Joker 800’s into the Omnipotent “Jo-LEKO”. First you get something like an ETC Source 4 and then you get K5600s adapter kit and BAMM you’re in business. I, and my Grip and Gaffer quickly fell head over heels for Jo-Leko. It bounces, it punches, it lights up trees from a hundred feet. Zoom it, flood it or shape it with the 4 internal blades. So, Thank You Mr. Mullen for opening my eyes to the beauty that is the bastard child of a stage light and a blue-collar HMI.”

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