Kelvin Lighting talks about the Joker-Bug line

Represented in Turkey by our recently appointed dealer, Dedotec, K5600 products are often requested for their versatility. Recently, a new rental company decided to invest in the complete Joker-Bug line and accessories. Evren Cöp, gaffer and Ahmet Bayer, DP, are both owners of Kelvin Lighting.

"Joker-bug, as the name implies, is like a joker : a lighting system which replaces a variety of lights and covers various needs on set. Money- and time- saving while still user friendly thanks to the large choice of accessories available, the Joker Bug system enables the user to change the light set very quickly, depending on the situations. One of the main advantages is that it can work very quietly, even on High Speed shoots. With the Softube accessory, you don’t need to use a butterfly frame or many lighting fixtures to shoot areas with high reflection. For this shoot, we just used the Joker-Bugs with Softubes and they gave us the effect we were looking for. So this system saves time, money and produces better results faster. Furthermore, their slim design makes them really practical in tight spaces, such as in cars. Removal of the beamer (the PAR reflector) is easily done in just a few minutes. The Bug-Lite is a real advantage for use in light banks or lanterns : it gives a strong and even light without creating a hot spot. And last but not least, the Joker Bug 200W, 400W and 800W can be used with a battery system, which is an essential point for us on our actual sets."