DC Systems


  • The 200/400W battery set, consists of a Super Silver Charger, a 15 Amp battery (belt or curved pack weighing 8 Kg) and a 200/400 30V DC ballast (1,5 Kg). This option would run a 400W for up to 50 minutes or a 200W for 1h40.
  • The 400/800 W battery set, consists of a Mega Charger, a 30 Amp battery pack (16 Kg) and a 400/800 DC ballast (2,5 Kg). This option would run an 800W for up to 50 minutes or a 400W for 1h40.

The charger does more than just charging but it analyzes every element and levels them up before charging them all simultaneously. There is an overload and download protection to always use the elements at their most efficient operating range. This is what makes the durability of the cells which are usually trouble free for 3 to 4 years. The unique technology allows fast charge without any damage to the cells. Charging time for a 15 Amp battery is about 3 hours and 5 hours for a 30 Amp.


With the launch of the Evolution Kit, K5600 was searching for a compact battery system. The Slimverter turns 2 x (9 Amps, 14.8 V) V-mount batteries into 35 minutes of 200W daylight HMI (equivalent in output to an 800 W incandescent).

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