David Procter

David Procter is a young talented DP. He has done a lot of Commercials, Music videos and documentaries as well as short films for which he received numerous awards. David was faced with a challenge for a series of SKY time-slice commercials.

Station Scene :“For the train station location, on which I used three Alpha4K units, we were shooting on an operational train platform with strict limitations on light position & space. Whilst there is rigging space in the platform awning, there was pigeon netting which we were under strict instruction not to touch. Once again we had a 360 degree field of view on a wide lens and hence had very little space to hide lights. As it was a very particular set of demands, I looked into the photometrics of all lights that could physically be concealed from their shot. Due to the Alpha 4K’s slim-line design and unique tilt ability, I sincerely believe that no other light on the market could have achieved what we needed without compromising the shot.”

Garden Scene : “The client wanted a sunlit garden exterior and there was no option of either shooting abroad or for a studio build. The camera moves 360 degrees through the scene so I knew that operator shadows would quickly become a problem. To get up high we looked into the Luminys Softsun units, crane mounted, but unfortunately it was beyond the restraints of the budget. The next realistic solution was a pair of Alpha18k which I knew I could take to the top of a 5-Stage Stratosafe and tilt sharply downwards without the usual problems of HMI tilt limit. Carefully flagging the spread from both units, double shadows were avoided and using half CTS I was able to achieve a believable sunlight effect over the scene. I wrapped the exposed uprights of the stratosafes with a faux bark that we had manufactured by Palmbrokers so that if caught in the back of shot, they passed as thin tree-trunks. I was even able to evoke an optical flare as the camera swung into the lights, further selling, the summer’s afternoon aesthetic. The Apha18Ks were the perfect tools for the job, on budget.”

Production Companies : Capture / Still Productions - Agency : WCRS - Director : Gary Salter - DoP : David Procter - Gaffer : Aaron Szogi - Lighting Supplied by : Panalux / Piximotion - Camera : Filmscape Media

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