Emmanuel Lakkari, DP

Emmanuel Lakkari is a young French DP who recently shot a commercial for the Qatari perfume brand, Al Jazeera. He works regularly with K5600 products and here he explains why.

"When I prepared this commercial, I took two points into account to choose the lights. First, the Slow-Motion scenes : I needed fixtures that I knew are reliable for this kind of shot. Then, the location was a little room in the Napoleon Hotel in Paris, so I had to favor compact lighting systems to save space. K5600 products fulfilled these requirements, thanks to their combination of lightness, compactness and power. Moreover, all the fixtures are equipped with High Speed Ballasts, which provides flicker-free light during High Speed shoots.

My first idea was to light from the outside, with the Alpha 9K that I have not yet had the chance to use. Nevertheless, I had to change my plans for different security and logistical reasons (the balcony was very narrow, almost nonexistent, the risk of breaking glass because of the little space between the window and the light source, the need to save time for the lighting crew, etc.). So I decided to use an Alpha 4K, lighter and more compact. We mounted it on a 50 cm metal bracket, placed on a U126 stand, which was strapped to the wrought iron guardrail of the balcony. This configuration was secure thanks to the slings. Inside the room, I had an Alpha 4K with a 2.5K bulb, equipped with a Chimera Shallow, to reproduce a soft lighting effect.

In addition to the Alpha, I had 400, 800 and 1600W Joker-Bugs. I used them mostly for the High Speed close-ups, especially for one scene that I wanted to enhance : we had to film drops of water falling on a bird’s wings, and it was important to provide an artistic effect highlighting the beautiful set and animal.

I appreciate K5600 equipment for its versatility, which allows me to use it in various configurations for one shoot. It saves money and time. For instance in this case, being able to use a 2.5K in the Alpha 4K has been a major advantage.
Now, I can’t wait to test the Alpha 9K on another project !”

Director : Fabrice Pierre
Production : Aldabrafilms
Gaffer : Raphaël Besson

Lighting equipment provided by Panalux.