First shoot for the Alpha 800

Recently introduced on the market, the Alpha 800W has been used for the first time on set of a commercial for Disney Cars. Christophe Cazalens, gaffer on set, often works with K5600 equipment.

"For me, the most important on set is to be able to go fast. With their compact design and light weight, K5600 lights are great tools for us. For instance, I only need two people to rig an Alpha 18K, when I need three for other fixtures of the same wattage.

On this set in particular, I had Alpha 200W, Joker-Bug 800W and the new Alpha 800W Plus. This last one is a fixture like K5600 knows how to produce : lightweight, versatile, well manufactured and manoeuvrable. So rigging it on a metal bracket through a window has been really easy !

In the Fresnel configuration, the Alpha 800W Plus provides the beautiful spread, typical of the Alpha line. It has a low consumption for a great output : on this specific shoot, it has been a real advantage. Actually, I couldn’t rent a generator to run a bigger light source, and anyway, I didn’t have enough space on the patio. I could have used a Joker-Bug 800W to make the incoming light, but I wouldn’t have had a such wide spread and the beautiful shadows distinctive of a Fresnel light source.

I was really impressed by the ease to switch from a configuration to another. The Beamer is easy to remove.

Stay like you are K5600, I’m a fan of your products !"

Production : Deadliners Production
DP : Sébastien Marchaland
Equipment supplied by RVZ