Focus on the Big Eye

Creating new solutions is at the core of the K5600 policy. Along the years, the company has developped exclusive and innovative products. The Big Eye is one of this amazingly versatile accessories designed by the company. It consists of one of the Joker-Bug systems (200W, 400W, 800W and Bug Tungsten 650W) to be used behind a 625 mm Fresnel lens. The big Fresnel is made of optical plastic (for weight and sturdiness). It gives a beautiful soft yet directional light beam.This summer, Uwe Greiner, German gaffer, used it for the first time.

"This summer, I have tested the Big Eye on two projects : a hair commercial and a TV feature. What I can say is that this is an awesome tool, which has no equivalent on the market. The combination of a small source and a large fresnel lens, lightweight and compact, offers new possibilities, that were hard to find before the Big Eye.

On the commercial, I could easily create a soft and directional beauty light. I could keep the details of the background, and also keep the shadows to play with. Nice side effect… The output was great, with low heat : it kept the air in the small room breathable, and made the work of the Make-Up department easier.

On the TV-feature, I have especially appreciated the possibility to recreate the sun light into a room. Most of the time, for TV-feature, we don’t have the budget to light from outside with big light sources. So with the Big Eye, we used a 200W Joker-Bug which can be plugged on the domestic power, and we positioned it on the side. I added a fixture on ground level of the street, to create the sunshine. That’s how a rainy day became a sunny one !

It was a great experience to work with the Big Eye.