Gravity starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock filmed by Emmanuel Lubezki aka Chivo. This highly innovative 3D space movie was shot on stage at Shepperton studios and it involved some interesting lighting challenges. Gaffer John “Biggles” Higgins was familiar with the Joker Bugs but discovered the 4 and the 18 k Alphas when Nick Shapley from LCA went to the set to show him the lights. This month, an article written by Benjamin Bergery has been published in the American Cinematographer : “[...] Gaffer John Higgins, who also worked with Lubezki on Children of Men, marvels that he has “never seen anything like the set of Gravity”. He noted that apart from the LED box, there were other, more traditional, set-ups. For interiors of the space capsule as it hurtles to Earth, the filmmakers used an Alpha 4K HMI without its lens to simulate the sun, moving the source around the stationary capsule with a crane and a remote head. The gaffer says they selected the Alpha because “it is the only head that can be operated shooting straight down”. [...]”

(American Cinematographer n°11, Vol 14, November 2013.). Equipment supplied by Warner Bros.

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