Gaffer Julian White about Cinderella

Cinderella, the Disney fairy movie of the year, has been released in the US on the 13th of March and has already grossed 125 M$ in the US only. It’s opening everywhere in March. We gathered a few shots from the internet and compiled them to send to Julian White, gaffer on the film.

Julian has been gaffer on over 30 features and about the same quantity of TV dramas, short films and documentary. Haris Zambarloukos, BSC, Cinderella ‘s DoP and Julian go back a long time. They first worked together on Enduring Love in 2004 and have collaborated on 9 more films together since.

Julian also worked three times with Rob Hardy and twice with Martin Ruhe, ASC (Control 2007 and The American 2010). Recently, he teamed up with Dick Pope BSC, on the September 2015 release film Legend for director Brian Helgeland.
While Julian was shooting with Dariusz Wolski ASC , Ridley Scott’s latest movie, The Martian, we met Julian in a nice restaurant in Budapest last month.

Julian White

He recalls :
“The Alpha 18 Kw was used in one location where we had to move quickly and as it was a SSI site (special site of interest) : Great Windsor Park with 600 year old oak trees and had delicate wild flowers etc. I chose to have a lamp that was a bit easier to use and easy and quick to move around. The weight and compactness of the Alpha 18 made this possible.

As far as the big eye is concerned we wanted to use a soft light that had an aggressive quality for close ups. As we had looked at vintage photos of George Hurrell from Hollywoods golden age, we wanted something that would give that look (check Google). I went to Warners and Mole Richardson in LA to do some research. The old big eyes were too big to use by camera and would have needed retro fitting. We didn’t need a huge light output but wanted the lens size to give that beautiful eye light. We tried the Big Eye (which we ended up calling the Cyclops) with different light sources. We even tried a gas burner but that was dropped … It was a health and safety thing but also we would never have enough light from it... Except when it was on fire. Also we added Unbleached muslin to the front to warm it up and the gentlest of diffusion. We used it with both tungsten (with a Bug 650W) and daylight fittings with a Joker Bug. The result was so good that we used it on nearly all our close ups. We also used the Joker Bug 800 or 400 in a Springball in a lot of scenes.”

We wish to thank LCA (Light Camera Action) for their time and effort in helping tests process.