Hi-Speed commercial

Aleksandar Zdravkov, owner of Pro Cinema Rental in Bulgaria shared few pictures of the set of a commercial for Bulgarian beer Kamenitza. Founded in 2007, Pro Cinema is one of the leader in the Bulgarian market.

"The commercial was including packshots and Hi-speed sequences. We choose to use K5600 equipment because they are reliable in this kind of situation. Actually, as the Joker-Bugs are all equipped with Hi-Speed ballasts, we never encounter any problem of flicker. For the packshot, we used the Jo-leko : this system is very efficient to achieve a beautiful image of the product.

Another great quality of K5600 fixtures is that they can be used pointing straight down. They are easy to rig, even the Fresnel range (the Alphas). Everytime we need a top light, we use the Alpha line.

We really appreciate our cooperation with K5600 : sales team always answer quickly and professionnally to our requests"

Photos : courtesy of Pro Cinema Rental Facebook page.