Interview at 160 km/h

Attending the Industry Day (May 23th ) organized by ASK the Slovak Association of Cinematographers.

If this day was obscured by a very dark sky and some heavy rain, it will be remembered as a bright day because of the success within the best of the best of the local film community in this small yet very active country.
Of course, everything is up to the size of the country but definitely not the enthusiasm of the Association and its members.
The opportunity for us to find our customers / friends because here everything is a matter of heart and human relations. The two main rentals are gaffers who have known each other forever. An example for many rentals in the world, the two "rivals" esteem, appreciate, drink together and respect each other as much as they respect the equipment. Every purchase is a choice thought out and made by the owners in their respective company and not because that’s the trend.

Rasto Gore de Shining & Tomas Mitko de Daylight Rental

Tomas Mitko from Daylight Rental and Rasto Gore from Shining are maybe the proof that it is by saying no to unacceptable deals that we clean up the market. Don’t misunderstand, there is a real competition between the two companies but it is more about the choice of equipment than the amount of the quote. They each have their assets : Tomas is very active as a gaffer and invests in tools he likes, Rasto also offers a studio which brings jobs.
As a result : productions and technicians are happy to have quality equipment and well maintained as Tomas confirmed during our discussion at 160 km/h in his car on the way to the airport from Bratislava to Vienna.

Tomas : - We provided the lighting equipment on a miniseries "Dracula" produced by BBC / Netflix last March. It was a 5 day shoot on location and Paul Murphy the English gaffer was happy with our service and equipment. We both worked on the list to adapt to the lighting set ups and the budget requirements. We had an Alpha 18 and several Alpha 4 and Jokers. I like Fresnels and the Alpha 18 is my favorite. I’m going to order a second one. One, it’s just not enough (laughs). Whenever there is an 18k on a list I propose an Alpha and it is always a success, whether people know them or not. I also find that there is a comeback to Fresnel units among the younger generation. It is encouraging to see students who are interested in shadows more than in light.
K5600 : - You do a lot of commercials shooting in Slovakia as well. Is it mostly on stage or on location ?

Tomas : - Essentially on location and I prefer because I like working with HMI rather than working with tungsten : I do not rent them dearly enough (laughs). More seriously, it’s a lot of wiring, rigging and more units to set up. We do also use Leds on stage but I prefer to use real tungsten than Leds in 3200K. I prefer LEDs in daylight.

At 160km/h, we already arrived at the airport. Next time we’ll meet will be at IBC ... if Tomas does not work. Rasto, we know, will not attend as he will be touring Poland and Germany with his Hard Rock band Davova Psychoza which he joined in 1995 as bass player.