Jean-Marie Delorme, Mc Donald’s commercial

Jean-Marie Delorme, the French DP who worked on many commercials for various brands (Nespresso, Thierry Mugler, etc.) shot a commercial for McDonald’s on July 11th at Little Grand Studio in Aubervilliers. During our visit on set, Jean Marie told us that he’s been working with K5600 gear for a long time, and that our lights are part of his lists. On the set Jean-Marie had three Alpha 4Ks, one Alpha 1600, four Joker-Bug 800s with Softubes and two Joker-Bug 800s including Bug A beam adaptors + Source 4. Jean Marie explains he chose our gear for the intrinsic qualities of the fixtures : "I have selected your equipment because I find it convenient. I need a head to be versatile. Your lights are reliable, compact and modular, and I can spontaneously light with HMI fixtures." All equipment supplied by Panalux France. Production : Else.