Joker-Bug and Chimera Beauty Dish

Andy Stein is a German gaffer and owner of the rental company Amp-light Film&TV Service GmbH in Cologne. In July, he began to shoot a corporate film for a German company which has stores all around the world. The project drives the crew worldwide, and on each set, K5600 equipment is used.

“We have already shot in Salzburg and Chicago, and then we will go to Zurich, Birmingham and we will end with Sydney. On every location, we use Joker-Bug 200W and Joker-Bug 800W (800W equipped with an Octaplus 3). In each country, Jokers are easy to find.

When we shot in Chicago, I was searching for a special soft box or something like a Briese light : I needed beauty light to shoot interviews of employees. But we did not have much space and not much time to prepare the Briese light as well.

So Eileen from Chimera Lighting sent me the Beauty Dish that I used with the Joker-Bug 200W. This combination was easy to set up, compact and provided a great output and a good light shape. I was using it for the first time and I have to say that I was impressed by the results : the eye light looked very nice and the shadows were very soft. Exactly what we need in beauty shots.

Another main advantage of the Joker-Bug units is their ability to be run on the household power of the stores : no need of generators.”

DP : Sven Stausberg (Germany)
Gaffer : Andy Stein
Equipment supplied by Amp-light Film&TV Service Gmbh in the European countries.