Jokers and Alphas on set in Austria

Robert Mayr is an Austrian gaffer. He recently worked on various projects with K5600 gear, with both Jokers and Alphas.

TV Show Gipfelsieg , Austrian Broadcast : “I have used two Alpha 4K’s (with spot lens) and two Joker 1600’s equipped with the Zoom Beamer. This beamer is another very helpful tool for the Joker-Bug system : it is quick to setup, has a great output and is easy to control thanks to the focusing function. The location was on nearly 2.000m above sea level, only accessible by cable car. Main power was limited to 32 amps, so these units were a perfect combination. Moreover, everything fitted on two small trolleys which made them easy to transport in this tight space.”

Video Installation for Tiroler Hoefemuseum : “This project was a green screen shooting for a video installation in a museum. Later, the actors will be projected on the walls of this museum, showing them in their historic environment. I have used two Alpha 4K’s bounced on butterflies and Joker 400W and 800W with Chimeras to create some directional light.”

Feature film Winter Heat , Production : Eastern Shanghai International (CN), DP : Wang Guofu : “On the photo, there are two Tungsten Bugs equipped with Pancake M and Video Pro Strip M. Chinese productions have a very tight schedule and we had only seventeen shooting days for this feature. The Joker system helped a lot to keep up with this "speed filming" : thanks to its light weight and its easy rigging, it was fast to move from Tungsten Bug to HMI Bug.”