K5600 Turkish Daylight

Represented by Dedotec in Turkey, the K5600 brand has gained greater exposure over the past two years. On the 27th of May, K5600 held a presentation of the full range of fixtures in DigiOnePlus studios.

With products in stock in most of the rental companies (Golge, Istanbul Kamera, Kelvin Lighting, Orion, STM Sinema…), K5600 Lighting is mostly known in Turkey for the Joker-Bug range. These fixtures are commonly used for movies (such as Skyfall ) TV productions and commercials. Most of the visitors (DPs, gaffers and TV technicians) were discovering the Alpha line. They appreciated the Alpha’s well known qualities, such as compactness, versatility, the ability to be used pointing straight down, and the unsurpassed quality of shadows produced by Fresnel instruments…

Foreign Director of Photography such as Gérard Simon AFC, are pleased to find K5600 equipment more and more available when they’re working in Turkey. Gérard is currently working on a local movie entitled “Osman Marketing” directed by Togan Gökabar. “I’m glad to have the Softube here ! I have insisted to have them and my local gaffer Giray Gergin particularly enjoys to work with them. The future, in terms of lighting, is with small, lightweight and versatile equipment : exactly what K5600 has been doing since the beginning. We are shooting in really photogenic and typical Turkish sceneries, in which I take pleasure to work. I hope that one day, we will be able to rent the Alphas as easily as the Joker-Bug in Turkey !” The production is serviced by Orion.