K5600 increases its presence on the Bulgarian market

At NAB, Yariv Lerner, CEO of Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia, invited K5600 to make a one day presentation in the studios to film students from Sofia Film School. Millenium Films and Nu Image, US production companies have been running the once state-owned facility since 2006.

The Presentation was held in one of the renovated stages of Nu Boyana Studios on Sunday the 17th of May. The purpose was to give a full demo of the range of Joker-Bugs and Alphas to film students attending the six weeks course at Nu Boyana Film School. The public consisted of film students and professionals. In the morning, Marc Galerne, CEO of K5600 did a presentation about lighting in general with topics such as CRI, beam, spectrum, shadow quality etc. Some comparison tests were made with the measurement of different kind of fixtures and light sources. After the lunch break, the students tested the equipment with a hands on experience along with some professionals who came to visit specifically and others who were doing pre-light on one of the sets on the backlot.

Nu Boyana was hosting the shooting of US feature Albion : Rise of the Danann starring John Cleese in the role of the villain. The DP on the film, Adrian Correia, came to the test shoots and requested right away an Alpha 1600 to Procinema’s owner Aleksandar Zdravkov who also purchased the 2 x 200 W Evolution kit. Adrian has been using Jokers extensively in the States but never had a chance to try the Alpha. The next day, the Alpha 1600 was on the set (see picture).

Nu Boyana lighting department head Strahill Predov added the Alpha 9K to their range of Alphas along with their 4Ks. All participants were amazed by the extremely wide spread of the unit which could light up the entire stage very evenly.

SECTION ZERO  : Olivier Marchal new TV series for Canal + and Europa Corp has been shooting since January both on stage and location all around Sofia. Denis Rouden AFC, was the DP on the first episodes and now Laurent Brunet AFC took on the task, on this action packed story set in the (near) future in an “unknown” European country. The lighting package includes many Joker-Bugs including the latest addition : the Joker Bug 1600 W with its Softube.

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