Kurves Going Wild across the US

In mid 2016, we embarked on a journey to bring affordable, serviceable, large parabolic reflectors to the masses. Built for use with the tens of thousands of Jokers sold worldwide, we never imagined the success two years out. You don’t have to believe us, just take a look at what some of our satisfied clients have to say below. If you haven’t had a chance to use a Kurve on your set, ask your local rental company – odds are, they already have one.

Zachary Rubino writes : "A year ago, we received our new Kurve 4.5. It was perfect timing for me as I had been asked by Director Alex Da Corte and All Ages Productions to work with them on the music video for St. Vincent’s single “New York”. As a fan of St. Vincent, I was excited for the project and having worked with Alex in the past, I knew we would be using bold colors and hi-key lighting and some ambitious setups. On prior projects I hadn’t been fully satisfied with other lights I tried in hi-key scenarios. Based on tests I had done earlier with the Kurve, I thought it would be the right tool for the job. Once on set, gaffer Phil Tartaglione and I found we were using the Kurve more than planned. In one instance we even used it outside paired with Joker 1600.

Other scenes featured Annie placed right against the set walls. The Kurve, with its large aperture, provided a flattering key light with even illumination that carried to the background nicely. Shadows were crisp and well defined yet the light still wrapped well on our talent. I was very happy with the Kurve and have been using it on set regularly ever since."

Zachary Rubino is a Philadelphia based cinematographer and Co-owner of Expressway Cinema Rentals. See more of his work at http://zac2982.wixsite.com/yoyo

Tony Bryan writes : "I am a Gaffer (Chief Lighting Technician) in Los Angeles. I mainly work on TV commercials and promos. I’ve always been a huge fan of parabolic umbrella lighting. When I found out that K5600 was going to put out an umbrella, I was excited. They designed a light that makes sense. It is amazing. I use it mainly without diffusion. It has a hard light affect that is still soft and beautiful. It has an even, wide spread. I first bought the Kurve 6, then after using it a while, I bought them all. I love the ease of converting to tungsten or just putting in a Joker for daylight. The team at K5600 is amazing. They are always supportive and helpful to all of my needs. They’ve helped to make modifications to fulfill my crazy dreams. The Kurve produces the most beautiful light out there. It can’t be beat by any other light source. You can quote me on that.”

Tony Bryan, Dark Light LLC. http://darklightservices.com/darklightservices.html