Chimeras Snapbag Des Racines et des Ailes Troy Paddock

Lightbanks and Lanterns

When using a lightbank, there is no light more efficient than the Bug-Lite (without Beamer) : it gives more output and better screen coverage with no hotspots. Lightbanks were designed for the still photography world. Flashes are bare bulb fixtures and they use the silver (or white) material inside the lightbank to bounce the largest amount of light in the most even way.

For the Chimera Video Pro lightbanks, Lanterns and Octaplus, the Joker-Bugs 200W, 400W, 800W and 1600W use the same speedring 9780OP.

K5600 also offers for the Alpha 200W and the Joker-Bug 200W the Snapbag from DoP Choice. Easy to set up, the Snapbag is a pop up lightbank which makes no use of poles. For the Alpha 200, the Snapbag is directly mounted on the unit.

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