Marcello Montarsi AIC
"Viaggio Nella Grande Bellezza"

Marcello Montarsi AIC, on set of the shooting of a documentary serie "Viaggio
Nella Grande Bellezza" with director Roberto Burchielli.

The magnificent Duke’s Palace in Florence and Santa Maria delle Grazie ’s church in Milano where is located the famous painting "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci, are magnificent settings to create superb images. Marcello used the Joker 300 LED for the first time, on the host of the program bounced and then direct on the painting using the Focal Spot accessory to perfectly cut the light. The color accuracy of the Joker 300 Led proved to be important to render the splendor of the painting.

Operator – steadycamer : Sandro De Pascalis
Production : RealLife