Marco Polo series

Latest project of the famous Weinstein Company (The Artist, Gangs of New York ...), the Marco Polo series is currently filming in Venice before going to Malaysia. Much of the scenes will be shot at Pinewood Studios in Malaysia, but those depicting the life of Marco Polo in Venice before leaving for China were filmed on the famous Italian City, with among other equipment the brand new Alpha 9K .
We had the chance to collect the testimonials of two members of the crew : Romain Lacourbas , French DP who had worked on different movies, such as Colombiana or Taken 2 , and Australian gaffer Karl Engeler who is familiar with our products.

Romain Lacourbas : "I had the opportunity to use the Alpha 9K at our location in Venice. Eric Baraillon, the gaffer that I usually work with, recommended it deeply to me after the shooting he made of Rosemary’s Baby in Paris (see our previous newsletter). In Venice, we had rigged the Alpha 9K on a tri- light, because the window that he had to cover was very high. Despite the proximity of the source, its large beam has allowed us to have a truly uniform effect with a much higher output than a 6KW, which was the other option. I also liked its compact design, distinctive feature of the Alpha range. I hope we will have the opportunity to work again together soon."

Karl Engeler : "I have been using K5600 products since the early 1990’s with the first 200 Jokers. My lighting company Motion Picture Lighting, has the most complete line of the K5600 Joker lamps available in the country. Now I am looking into investing in the Alpha series lamps after using them in Venice recently on the big budget TV series Marco Polo for the Weinstein Company. Normally I would have used compact Arri 6kw fresnels, but we required more output for our interior locations than a 6kw. Our restricted rigging with any of the several hundred year old buildings meant Arri 12kw compacts were impossible. Any type of daylight pars weren’t suitable so I opted for the 9kw Alpha fresnel after investigating the photo metrics. Our decision was made on the fact we could rig the lamp easily, focus the lamp with a steep tilt down, with large output in a compact source. The lamp proved itself several times and I now am wanting to have some units on the next leg of our journey in Malaysia. The lamp is well engineered. Thought has been put in to what is used on set, rather than a laboratory or test bench. The units worked as designed and the output was excellent with broad beam spread from the fresnel. The lamps will be a choice for me from now on, when on tight tricky locations."

Special thanks to the Italian Gaffer on the set in Venice, Elvis Pasqual.

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