Markus Stoffel

Bavarian cinematographer and photographer Markus Stoffel BVK is working with his K5600 Joker-bugs 400 since 1998.

“I am travelling a lot. For my work on documentaries and corporate films and photos I was looking for a compact lighting system. With Joker-bugs I can easily switch from the softbox to a powerful PAR fixture. Using the Source 4 with the bug-a-beam adapter for controlled bounce lighting or effects is great. The products of K5600 have been inspiring my way of lighting, giving me new possibilities and fast solutions” On his last project he used the Softube : Susanne Hofmann and her brother Wolfgang from Tölzer Kasladen are among Europe’s best affineurs (= cheese refiners). They distribute their selected cheese to many gourmet restaurants decorated with Michelin stars. For the presentation of these milky jewels at the guests table and for optimized storage conditions with correct temperature and humidity the Hofmanns did developp the “Fromagetta”. Markus Stoffel did the product photography of this high tech trolley. “The glass and steel surfaces required soft lighting. To highlight the delicatessens and control reflections I did need a slim but long light source from the top.” Rigging of the Softube was easy and fast done. The exclusive cheese was not affected by heat. Bon appétit !