Max Gatti, AIC

Max Gatti, Cinematographer AIC , has shot many commercials in Italy and abroad. He’s one of the first Italian cinematographers to use the Joker Bug ligts. We met in on the shoot of his second experience with director Alessio Maria Federici.

"I often work with joker bugs. They are easy to use, practical and produce a beautiful daylight beam. I sometimes mix 400s and 800s in the large Octa using the Multibug. I was very happy to be able to use the new Joker Bug 1600. Mounted on an Octa bank, it is just splendid ! I sincerely congratulate you to have made a more powerful unit with still the same characteristics as the lower wattages in terms of light quality, versatility. The choice of 1600 W is a good one as we can plug this unit into any household. I already had a selection of your lights on my list, I will definitely add the 1600 from now on.”