Minute Maid commercial, Jean Poisson, DP

While touring Germany, K5600 team met Jean Poisson on the set of a commercial for Minute Maid brand.

Renowned DOP, Jean Poisson has been working for a long time with K5600 equipment. Because of the shots oscillating between 1000 and 2000 fps, it was necessary to have flicker-free equipment on this shooting. Jean chose to work with two Joker-Bugs 1600W, two Alpha 4K and one Alpha 9K, which has been mostly used pointing straight down. All the equipment was supplied by Electric Sun, the first German rental company who invested in the Alpha line, with the Alpha 4K and recently with the Alpha 9K.

The studio has been chosen by the American production company and by the advertising agency for the system “Spike”. It is a high-speed motion control system specially developed for the Phantom camera by the production company The Marmalade (who also owns the studio). This system allows to create ultra-fast, spectacular movements that can be endlessly reproduced. The studio dedicated to the Spike system was not huge, so the compactness of the Alpha 9k and its unique ability to be used pointing straight down has been really appreciated.

Production : The Marmalade
Director : Jens Mebes
DP : Jean Poisson
Gaffer : Ulli Hueppe
Best Boy : Philipp Roeder

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