Mongeville TV series starring Joker-Bug 1600

K5600 and France 3 (one of the public network) cooperation started 20 years ago. Since then, K5600 equipment has been used on the various programs of the TV channel, such as the Olympic Games, Paris Tennis Open, the Tour de France and many other TV shows and series.

Jean-Luc Sevilla, gaffer for France 3 Lyon, is currently shooting the TV series "Mongeville" , on which he uses, among other Jokers, the Joker-Bug 1600W : "We use the Joker-Bug 1600W on all of the sets we’re working on. This fixture is ideal for us, because it’s powerful for a minimal size and electric consumption. It is easy to rig anywhere, and we don’t need a generator to run it.

Of course its versatility is the other main quality. Switching from a configuration to another is rapidly done, and the possibilities are varied : bouncing, direct, with a light bank... I particularly appreciate the use of Jokers with the Chimera : the Bug Lite delivers an even light inside the bank and it takes less space than other lights in this configuration."

DP : Christophe Legal